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The main committee team behind all our projects

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Leon Martin (he/him)

Leon is 17 and a photographer and graphic artist based in Perth. He is passionate about advocacy and making a difference. He also enjoys video games and making people laugh. 

Charlotte Glance (she/her)

Charlotte is 21 and was once described as aggressively bisexual and strives to live that everyday of her life. She is passionate about advocacy and was a co-founder of the YPN.


Mason Rothwell (he/him)

With a background in mental health and suicide prevention, Mason is especially committed to issues of equity and wellbeing, social justice, and discrimination. In his spare time he enjoys worrying about his indoor plants.


Kai Schweizer (he/him)

Kai is Co-Founder of the Youth Pride Network. He is also a peer sexual health educator at the Youth Affairs Council of WA and freelance educator specialising in professional development for diverse sex, sexuality, and gender inclusion. He has collaborated with many organisations within the youth sector to ensure LGBTQIA+ people have access to safe and inclusive services. Additionally, he is an advisor to the WA Minister for Youth and Housing and holds a position at Curtin University as "Transgender and Transition Mentor". When he grows up, he aspires to be Spiderman.




Emilia Jayne Hawcroft (she/her)

Emilia is the result of combining a trans woman, historian and fan of wordplay. At Youth Pride Network, you'll often find Emilia working on projects relating to education and politics, which capitalise on her lived and professional experiences. Outside of advocacy, you can find Emilia being a nerd.


Alex Kiely (he/him)

Alex is 17 and is currently attending high school and working towards getting into Stage Management at WAPPA.

Sadie Ward (she/her)

Sadie is a passionate member of the LGBTI+ community. Outside of YPN she presents RTRFM's 'All Things Queer' show on Wednesdays. She's currently studying to go into social work but in her time off she enjoys local music and all the events Perth has to offer

Jesse Altham (he/him)

Jesse is a proud transgender man, youth worker and musician. He is extremely passionate about LGBTQIA+ issues, advocacy and politics and aims to be a fearless advocate for our community in whatever field of work he is in. He's extremely excited to contribute to the amazing work coming out of the YPN.

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